Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week Two Study God: God, the Father Almighty

Week Two

Topic:  God in the Highest, the Father, and the Almighty
Creed:  “…in God, the Father almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth …”
Reading to Discuss:  Dogmatics in Outline (chapters 5-9)
Main Idea:
  • Faith in God:  The Christian God freely revealed to us is the sole object of our faith.
  • The Trinitarian God:  God the Father is the source and begetter of the Son and the source of the Holy Spirit.
  • God Almighty:  God is able to do what he wills, is superior to all other powers, and is not power in itself.
  • God the Creator:  God does not exist only for Himself but thus created creation of is an act of revelation bound in the triune God.
  • Heaven and Earth:  The distinction between heaven and earth for humanity—us who dwell on the boundary between heaven and earth—heaven is the creation which is inconceivable whereas the earth is the conceivable.
Discussion Topics: 
  • Are you more drawn to the intimacy or power of God?
  • Is the Christian faith a worldview?

And for the adventurous, here are some relevant sections in Church Dogmatics:
  • The Nature of the Word of God I/1 125-186
  • The Knowability of the Word of God I/1 187-247
  • God in His Revelation I/1 295-347
  • God the Father I/1 384-399
  • The Time of Revelation I/2 45-121
  • The Mystery of Revelation I/2 122-202
  • The Election of Jesus Christ II/2 94-194
  • Faith in God the Creator III/1 3-41
  • Creation and Covenant III/1 42-339
  • The Yes of God the Creator III/1 330-
  • Man as the Creature of God III/2 55-202
  • The Doctrine of Providence, Its Basis and Form III/3 3-57
  • God the Father as Lord of His Creature III/3 58-288
  • God and Nothingness III/3 289-368
  • Ethics as a Task of the Doctrine of Creation III/4 3-46

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