Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week One Study Guide: Introducing Karl Barth and Confessing our Faith

Topic:  Faith
Creed:  “I Believe…”
Reading to Discuss:  Dogmatics in Outline (DO):  Chapters 1-4
Main Ideas: 
  • Why Theology?  To believe and proclaim.
  • Faith as Trust:  It’s a gift from God which hears God’s grace and holds fast to God.
  • Faith as Knowledge:  Faith seeks to understand.  Knowledge of God comes through faith.
  • Faith as Confession:  The public dimension of faith.  Faith is found in and through the Church.
For Further Reflection:  How do we know God?

And for the adventurous, here are some relevant sections in Church Dogmatics:
  • The Task of Dogmatics: I/1 3-24
  • Church Proclamation as the Material of Dogmatics I/1 47-87
  • The Knowability of the Word of God I/1 187-247
  • The Word of God, Dogma and Dogmatics I/1 248-294
  • God in His Revelation I/1 295-347
  • God’s Freedom for Man I/2 1-44
  • The Mystery of Revelation I/2 122-202
  • The Freedom of Man for God I/2 203-279
  • The Word of God for the Church I/2 457-537
  • Freedom in the Church I/2 661-742
  • Dogmatics as a Function of a Hearing Church I/2 797-843
  • Dogmatics as a Function of the Teaching Church I/2 844
  • The Fulfillment of the Knowledge of God II/1 3-62
  • The Knowability of God II/1 63-178
  • The Limits of the Knowledge of God II/1 179-256
  • The Election of the Community II/2 195-305
  • The Election of the Individual II/2 306-508
  • The Sanctification of Man IV/2 499-726
  • The Vocation of Man IV/3ii 481-680

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