Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dates, Times, Topics, and Location

Barth for Beginners will gather together every other Thursday at 8pm at The Copper Hog pub in Bellingham, Washington.

Primarily, we'll be discussing Karl Barth's Dogmatics in Outline. While it's not necessary, it would behoove you to purchase, borrow, and read this short, but dense, work. Don't worry if doesn't all make sense the first time through. That's what the group is for.

Due to the popularity of the group, we'll have two different groups meeting. The material will be the same for each week's gathering. If at all possible, I ask you to pick one group and try to follow that group's schedule.

Week One: Introducing Karl Barth and Confessing our Faith
Dates:  February 17th (Group 1) and February 24th (Group 2)
To Read: Theological Declaration of Barman and Dogmatics in Outline chapters 1-4

Week Two: God the Father
Dates:  March 3rd (Group 1) and March 10th (Group 2)
To Read: Dogmatics in Outline chapters 5-9

Week Three: Jesus Christ (part 1)
Dates:  March 17th (Group 1) and March 24th (Group 2)
To Read: Dogmatics in Outline chapters 10-14

Week Four: Jesus Christ (part 2)
Dates:  March 31st (Group 1) and April 7th (Group 2)
To Read: Dogmatics in Outline chapters 15-20

Week Five: Holy Spirit, the Church, and Eschatology
Dates:  April 14th (Group 1) and April 28th (Group 2)
To Read: Dogmatics in Outline chapters 21-24

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