Monday, January 24, 2011

Barth for Beginners the Class

Without a doubt, Karl Barth is the great theologian of the 20th century and perhaps the greatest Christian thinker since Calvin, Luther, or Aquinas.   By strolling through his little Dogmatics in Outline, we’ll get not only a brief glimpse at Barth’s own thinking but a deep look at who it is that Church confesses in her faith.  Far from being narrow and stuffy, theology is a joyous discipline that liberates us to think deeper about what it means to bear witness to Jesus Christ.  And in a grand theological we’ll gather together at a pub, drink, listen, talk, and learn.

Barth for Beginners is a 5-week discussion group as a part of First Presbyterian Church in Bellingham, Washington's Pub Theology series.

Check here for a list of dates, times, topics, and location.

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